Design & R&D

Design & R&D

Design & R&D

1、Material research

2、R&D System

3、Industry-university- research cooperation


R&D System- Shanghai Automotive Acoustic Parts (NVH) Engineering Technology Research Center

Material research
R&D System Laboratory

Research of NVH Property
Material formulation, sound insulation performance test, database construction

Environmental performance considerations
Test and analysis of VOC property
standard system construction

Establish a corresponding standard system to match different part grades for different models.

           Lightweight considerations
           Benchmarking of NVH performance of different material parts

           Cost considerations
           Existing production system, supplier stability
           Determination of the structural scheme
           Combination of different materials, layout of different structures

            NVH performance indicators

            Determination of acoustic indicators
              Subjective evaluation
            Test drive, NVH performance evaluation
              Objective evaluation
            Test evaluation of VTS indicators such as idle speed, acceleration, cruise, and taxiing

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