Group Profile

Group Profile

Product Culture

Product Culture
Concentrate on quality | Continue to be the top  
Focus on customers | Enhance brand identity

Concentrate on quality
——Full participation, strict standardization, based on reality, clear responsibilities, pursuing the quality goal of “Zero Defect”
Focus on customers
——Meet customer needs with minimal cost, solve problems as quickly as possible, and build industry value chain with the most potential partners
Continue to be the top
——Build a technical support system with independent intellectual property rights, build a standardized and refined management system and training system, willing to be a technology pioneer, and lead the market development direction
Enhance brand identity
——Be professional and with high-quality, take world-class enterprise service standards as a reference, take the boutique products and boutique service routes, create the best experience of consistency and build a top brand in China

Culture of Staff
Commit to duty | Manage self
Create value | Adapt to change

Commit to duty
——Establish a sense of rigid execution and standard operation, treat work with the spirit of craftsmanship, integrate into the group with a positive attitude, and ensure that all tasks assigned by the company are implemented.
Create value
——Different staffs have different skills and professions and can share as well as cooperate. Individuals gain recognition by improving efficiency. Enterprise gives value contributors a sense of accomplishment with sunshine policy.
Manage self
——Advance with the times, stick to the post, continue to learn, and continuously improve; Maintain an entrepreneurial mentality, create first-class achievements, strive for first-class level, and win the respect and appreciation of others.
Adapt to change
——Bring external market pressure and fair competition mechanism, improve the process and information management system, strengthen the concept of integration, dilute the boundaries of different departments, and enhance the ability of integrated services.

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