Group Profile

Group Profile

Mission and vision

Our Mission: Uphold the craftsmanship spirit   Forge the quality company
——Industry-oriented, keep the spirit of craftsmanship, focus on driving space products and related applications
——Adhere to the high investment and technical requirements of technology, and maintain the quality of products
——Refine lean thinking, strengthen lean management, and cultivate lean character of the staff
——Share achievements with staffs, develop with customers, and work with partners to create a progressive brand

Our Prospect: Become the leading provider of auto parts integration service in China
——Adhere to technological innovation and enhance the technological strength. Focus on core business development, build strong competitiveness of mainstay business, and play a leading role in the industrial chain
——Expand more field in the market and improve the profitability. Fully develop “independent competitiveness” at the market and develop long-lasting customer relationships
——Carry forward the management improvement and allocate resources efficiently. Based on the application development and research, Huate will build a comprehensive lean operation system from research and development, design, production, delivery to service.
——Focusing on technology, paying less attention on investment, having accurate quality and combining skillfully, Huate builds the integrated operation, management and service brand with its style and builds a leading position in the core business, and becomes a domestic leading as well as mature international integrated service provider.
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